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AE - Architecture r.6.0

550,00 € each

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APP-Easy Architecture for Allplan 2017, Allplan 2018 and Allplan 2019 License Study

(License Study: The package can be installed on all workstations Allplan)

It includes SETUP to Allplan 2017, Allplan 2018 and Allplan 2019


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APP-Easy Architecture is a collection of Wizards and SmartParts


The aim is to facilitate the use of software to both Professionals who approach for the first time to Allplan®, both to those who already employ within their study. The collection of such material is the result of both the content already present within Allplan® and its associated LIBRARIES (whose rights are therefore reserved Allplan®), both elements of the new design: it is particularly FUNCTIONS GRAPHIC SYMBOLS , MACRO and SMART PARTS - both in terms of objects that new functions / commands - most notably the RAFTERS with shaped terminals, the MOLDING for windows, the SHUTTERS, the Windows SILL, the THERMO FURNITURE, 3D DIMENSION LINE and STAIRS and the QUANTITIES package consisting of REPORTS with configurable VOB.



Pack contents:








 Select the SmartParts to see the video


02 - Window Sill copia03 - Molding for Windows copia04 - Brick Arch copia05 - Vertical Bricks copia06 - Horizontal Bricks  copia07 - Sunbreaker copia08 - Folding Shutters copia09 - Sliding shutters copia10 - Folding Shutters 1P copia
11 - Folding Shutters 2P copia12 - Rafters copia13 - Roof Beam copia14 - Exterior Cornice copia15 - Modular element copia16 - Heated Towel Rail copia17 - Downspout copia18 - Colum copia19 - Opening Labels copia




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