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APP-Easy MEP r.1.0.

800,00 € each

Language: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish        lingua

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*APP-Easy MEP (for Allplan Language Italian, English, German, French and Spanish). License Study

(License Study: The package can be installed on all workstations Allplan)

It includes SETUP to Allplan 2016, Allplan 2017, Allplan 2018 and Allplan 2019  

MEP H1 1

App-Easy MEP It is an Application for Allplan®

The working method is simple and intuitive, the Allplan user can create and modify plant MEP networks (piping, pipes, cables, etc ...)


Simple and Intuitive Interface

All elements are configured in a simple and intuitive, the user can choose whether to use the fields parametric inputando values analytically or using graphics grip.

   01 mep


Automatic Interaction of Elements

The easiest way to work is to place the individual elements by exploiting the landmarks of each component.
The working system involves the interaction between the elements, for example after the use of a elemeto the next curve will be proposed already correctly oriented, after the use of a reduction the next item will be proposed already with the correct section.

  02 mep 


Labels 2D and 3D Automatic

All components can be described with 2D and / or 3D labels.

The label is automatically activated for single or multi element.


  03 mep 1 


Element Hose

The hose is designed to have maximum freedom.
The user can draw the profile of the tube on the X / Y plane and then decide Z coordinates of each point rather than decide the difference in height to achieve a uniform pattern.

  04 mep 


Simple changes

Using specific attributes for components of AE - MEP automatic changes to multiple items diventno very simple and powerful.
Without any problem, you can change descriptive and geometric attributes attributes quickly.

  05 mep 


Automatic report

Automated reports we can have complete control of manufactured items.
The Report will update to changes in the project and combined with automatic labels allow the verification of each piece.

  06 mep 


Export reports to Allplan BCM

All elements are configured to take advantage of the attributes necessary to perfect dialogue with Allplan BCM. Also we are taking advantage of Allplan BCM Reports we can have a graphical control for each individual element.

  07 mep 


Personalized items

Any object imported from another system or modeled, in macro converted, becomes an integral part of our working system.
Through the allocation of the attributes the new custom component will have the intelligent behavior of the standard elements of AE - MEP.

  08 mep 


Collisions of control

Allplan has a command to verify identify and correct the conflicts between the architectural design and that of plant networks.
AE - MEP is completely integrated in this system to work, all collisions are highlighted with a 3D body.

  09 mep 


IFC export

Export to IFC format allows the designer to share the project with other business systems.
Through the IFC format all elements AE - MEP are automatically identified by other systems BIM keeping all the information that generated them.

  10 mep 2 


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